Spice Mart is a company has incorporated foods and spices from over 12 countries under one roof. The business began in 2013 

The company recorded impressive growth from its humble beginnings, from strictly an online retail operation to now importing and wholesaling through its networks in Queensland and Australia wide.

Spice Mart provides quality, freshness, value and personalized service to the food service industry, restaurants and consumers.

Spice Mart commenced light manufacturing of flours and spices labelled under its SP brand name. SP ® – the symbol for quality and freshness.

Spice Mart Import Division began in 2014, importing food commodities, rice and oils from India, Malaysia and Thailand. Spice Mart introduced and owns the JD® brand of basmati and jasmine rice

Spice Mart is growing as wholesalers and distributors to the Food Service Industry, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and cafes Australia wide. Spice Mart provides a large range of quality products. 

Spice Mart has a wholesale/retail store in Slacks Creek (Logan). We are open 7 days a week and are accessible by public transport. The store is wheelchair accessible and accepts all credit cards and debit cards, including American Express. 
Spice Mart has assisted in supplying goods to oversea markets and recently has begun exporting quantities of flour, wheat, sorghum and milk powder to markets in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Fiji